Data Analysis and Visualisation practicals

Here you can find all information and files for the practicals of the elective master’s course Data Analysis and Visualisation at Utrecht University (course code 201600038 in Osiris).

You are going to be working inside the practicals folder. Download the folder and unzip it to a smart location on your computer.

# Name HTML PDF Answers
01 R basics for DAV .html .pdf
02 Data manipulation & EDA .html .pdf
03 Data Visualisation using ggplot2 .html .pdf
04 Assignment EDA .html .pdf
05 Supervised learning: Regression 1 .html .pdf
06 Supervised learning: Regression 2 .html .pdf
07 Supervised learning: Regression 3 .html .pdf
08 Supervised learning: Classification 1 .html .pdf
09 Supervised learning: Classification 2 .html .pdf
10 Assignment Prediction Model .html .pdf
11 Unsupervised learning: PCA & Correspondence Analysis .html .pdf
12 Unsupervised learning: Clustering .html .pdf


If you have no experience with R or another programming language, you are going to need to catch up before starting the course and during the course. This is not an introductory course on programming with R, but a course on data analysis and visualisation.

Some good sources are:

The following is the minimum of what you should know about R before starting with the first practical

Outline of the practicals

Anything written in italic font is optional/extra material. You can look those up by yourself if you have extra time.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9