Materials for Applied Data Science profile course INFOMDA2 Battling the curse of dimensionality.

Battling the Curse of Dimensionality

This webpage contains all materials required for the Applied Data Science profile course INFOMDA2 ‘Battling the Curse of Dimensionality’.

The materials on this website are CC-BY-4.0 licensed.

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You can find the course syllabus as a web page here or as a pdf here.


Number Title Slides
01 High-dimensional data Slides
02 Dimension reduction I Slides
03 Dimension reduction II Slides
04 Deep learning Slides
05 Clustering Slides
06 Model-based Clustering Slides, code
07 Time series Slides
08 Text mining Slides
09 Natural language processing Slides


Number Title Practical Answers
01 High-dimensional data Practical Answers
02 Dimension reduction I Practical Answers
03 Dimension reduction II Practical Answers
04 Deep learning Practical Answers
05 Clustering Practical Answers
06 Model-based Clustering Practical Answers
07 Time series No practical TBD
08 Text mining Practical TBD
09 Natural language processing Practical TBD


Number Title Deadline Link
01 Partial least squares 03-12-2021 @ 13:15 Assignment
02 Comparing cluster methods 21-01-2022 @ 13:15 Assignment