Data Analysis and Visualisation practicals

Here you can find all information and files for the practicals of the elective master’s course Data Analysis and Visualisation at Utrecht University (course code 201600038 in Osiris).

Download the practicals folder

# Name Link Hand in?
00 Prerequisites link No
01 R basics for DAV link No
02 Data manipulation & EDA link Yes
03 Data Visualisation using ggplot2 link Yes
04 Assignment EDA link Yes
05 Supervised learning: Regression 1 link Yes
06 Supervised learning: Regression 2 link Yes
07 Supervised learning: Classification 1 link Yes
08 Supervised learning: Classification 2 link Yes
09 Supervised learning: Regression 3 link Yes
10 Assignment Prediction Model link Yes
11 Unsupervised learning: PCA & Correspondence Analysis link Yes
12 Unsupervised learning: Clustering link Yes